Resident sees blood and drugs at Motel 6 room


MEDFORD, Ore. - A local resident is distraught over the conditions he found in several Motel 6 rooms in South Medford.

He was first switched from a room after finding blood smears on the wall and then placed in a room he says contained remnants of drugs.

he says management didn't seem to be concerned.

"The shock is to see used blood all over the wall of a place you're paying to stay that's supposed to be cleaned. And then when a manager is telling you 'oh hey I’m hourly, it's not my problem, I’m not coming down there,' then that's just rude," said Anthony Bottoni, a Klamath Falls veteran.

Bottoni paid $300 to stay there during the week since he commutes from Klamath Falls to Medford for work.

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