Residents get questions answered at meeting about the North Pelican Fire

Residents get questions answered at meeting about the North Pelican Fire

Driving down Highway 140, you might think you're driving through fog, but it's not fog, it's smoke.

"It's somewhat bothersome, it's more bothersome to my wife who has respiratory issues but it's not a big deal for me," says Terry Roberts.

He lives in Rocky Point near the North Pelican Fire.

Fire officials are meeting with residents to answer their questions and update them on the status of the fire.

"Where the area of the fire is and which way is it moving," says Roberts.

He was given good news about his home.

"Listening that it is moving northwest is a good sign for one because I live almost directly south of the fire," says Roberts.

The fire has grown from 2,000 acres to 3,400 acres in roughly 24 hours.

Fire officials brought maps to show residents exactly how far the fire grew.

"It is said to be in some kind of steep terrain so it's going uphill right now," says Christi Patrick is working on the North Pelican Fire.

She says crews are doing what they can to knock this fire down.

"Our firefighters are working diligently doing containment lines doing dozer lines and they are buttoning up around the cold spring trail head," says Patrick.

Fire crews top priority is keeping the fire away from homes and businesses in the Rocky Point and surrounding areas.

"This one is about the worst one I have seen that's this close," says Roberts. "Now others around here have lived longer here than I have and have seen bigger fires, but the most part were in pretty good shape here."

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