Selma residents try to fix collapsed bridge

Collapsed bridge (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

SELMA, Ore. - Residents are looking for help to repair a bridge after it collapsed in January.

Residents in the area haven't been able to use this bridge since December because of the winter storm.

One resident, Norm Cegelnik, lives nearby and says he can't get to his home unless he either parks his car and walks across it or takes another route.

The only other route is driving on a private road that belongs to another resident in the area.

The owner of the road, Jeremy Pratt, says residents can use it, but it's only temporary because it's not in the best condition. He says it's better than walking across the bridge.

"It's not what you would consider safe, not to put anyone down, but elderly folks, I didn't want anybody to fall and get hurt, with the water rushing as fast as it has been," Pratt said.

Norm says this is the third time they'll have to replace it. Residents have to do it themselves because the company who built the bridge, 15 years ago, has gone out of business.

They've tried to get a grant with FEMA, but the agency says they're not a big enough community to offer one.

The county is not responsible for the bridge because residents signed an agreement when they moved to the area, saying they were responsible for all road maintenance.

It's affecting at least 20 people and they're looking at more than $20,000 to get it fixed.

If you'd like to donate to the Three Mill Road Bridge fund, you can call Washington Federal Bank in Cave Junction at 541-592-4663.

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