Restoration of U.S. Hotel balcony underway

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. - The balcony of the historic United States Hotel in Jacksonville is undergoing renovations.

Both the U.S. Bank and Trolley Stop Antiques on the ground floor of the building will stay open.

This thanks to an enclosed tunnel with a lighted pathway.

Visitors say the construction set up is working.

"The construction didn't really disrupt me from coming in [ Trolley Stop Antiques]. It's still a shop and still has the same things. It's really cool that they have a lot of antiques here," visitor from Huntington Beach, Kaleb Fiscus said.

The balcony will be restored with a steel base and then covered by wood.

This will make it functional again and available for lease by end of June or early July.

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