Rogue Valley Citizens show support for 1st responders with blue lights

Blue light being sold at Medford Lowe's. (KTVL/Alexander Mesadieu)

Citizens in Medford and Central Point have been showing their support for first responders this month with blue lights outside of their homes.

Just 11 days into the month and local home improvement stores have been saying they've seen a number of people purchasing the lights.

The Medford Lowe's says so far this month they've sold 200 blue lights a week, and there's no signs of it slowing down soon.

The store manager says this has not been a surprise.

"This community really supports police and fire (agencies) so we weren't that shocked," said Rebekah Hicks, Store Manager of the Medford Lowe's.

Local organizers did a similar campaign last August.

Hicks says last year sales stayed strong throughout the entire month.

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