RV owners in Grants Pass could get evicted over zoning issues

A child at the Sinclair-Highland Mobile Home Park walks to get a Frisbee to throw to a neighboring dog. Soon, the child and the family could have to move because they live in a travel trailer. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Grants Pass, Ore. - At the Sinclair-Highland Mobile Home Park, about half the homes are mobile homes while the others are travel trailers.

The park is not zone to have RV's/travel trailers and those families were supposed to leave or buy a mobile home by February 1st.

"They said this is a mobile home park, not for travel trailers and all the travel trailers had to go," Maria Herrera, one of the residents living in a travel trailer, said.

On December 7th, the city of Grants Pass received complaints about the park. When a Grants Pass Police officer arrived, he cited the landowner for multiple code violations.

"The issue is that it's not permitted use in that area," Lt. Joe Moran said. "It's residential and industrial and neither one are zoned for a mobile home park or an RV park."

Moran said it's been a long-standing issue having done the citations himself the first time in 2010. The park cleared out after that, but over the past seven years, residents have started to move in there.

About five different families live in the RV's parked in the mobile home park. None of the families News 10 talked to could find other solutions.

"We've been looking but because of the year of the trailer and everything it's hard to get into trailer places," Herrera said.

In Grants Pass city limits, there are at least three other trailer parks, but the families News 10 spoke with said the parks are full or cannot take them - especially not for an extended period of time.

"There's only a certain amount of hours that an RV can actually be lived in whenever it's on a private property within the city," Moran said. "Those folks have been up there much longer than hours. We're talking months, if not years."

News 10 spoke with one family at the park who lived there for 10 years and if they're forced to move, they say they'll have nowhere to go. Their only option is to buy a mobile home that they say they cannot afford.

Despite the Feb. 1st deadline, GPDPS has not enforced the eviction yet because they understand the gravity of the situation these families are in and how disruptive the move could be.

If the residents don't end up complying though, and law enforcement does enforce the zoning soon, each trailer could face a $295 fine per day for the violations.

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