RV park residents upset after cable company cancels service

KTVL/Autumn Robertson

Residents of a local RV park are upset after an internet and cable company cancels their services without warning.

Alen Steel, manager at Lazy Acres RV and Motel Park was using a bulk version of Charter internet and cable for his residents, but canceled the account once it became too expensive. Some residents who were not a part of the bulk account already had personal services with Charter installed.

Residents say Charter offered them the option of opening a personal account once the bulk services were canceled. Residents paid their fees and Charter employees came to the park and installed personal sets. A few days later, residents say Charter came back and shut down the services.

"They have turned everybody off in this park that pays their own account" Steel says. "People that's been here for years, not just six months, not just five years, i'm talking 10, 15, 20 years."

We reached out to Charter corporate offices and the regional communications director released a statement:

"We do not provide service to RV parks on an individual unit basis and are willing to work with the park owner to provide service through a bulk account. This is how the park received service prior to this month."

Steel called Charter representatives several times to try to work out a plan, but has made no progress. He says Charter told him he was to pay the bulk fee, or no one gets service.

"I told the [Charter] lady there's several RV parks that you are servicing individual accounts" Steel says. "Her comment to me was "we'll investigate this and if we are, we're going to shut them down too.""

Steven Donovan has lived at the park for eight years. He says Charter installed personal equipment in his home, then removed it a few days later without a heads up.

"They charged me $100.33 on May 2nd," Donovan says. "On May 16th, $63.73 which i had promptly paid. On May 18th, they came out and told me their right of passage was removed from this property and removed their boxes out of my house. I didn't owe them any money or anything, they just said you can no longer have service."

Donovan says because of his chronic PTSD, he relies on the television. Now he is going to have to wait a while before he can turn it on again.

"I can see if they had given me a 30 day notice and say "Hey look we're going to shut you off", but they just shut me off with no warning at all," Donovan says.

Residents say they are still waiting for their refunds, which Charter told them they will receive in the mail.

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