Sams Valley residents prepare to make case against having a Pacific Power substation

Sams Valley residents prepare to make case against Pacific Power substation

As cars drive by the intersection of Highway 234 in Sams Valley, they see sign after sign, about not having a Pacific Power substation built here.

"It's an industrial development, and this is an area of small farms and rural areas," says Stuart Lahtinen who lives nearby.

He and a group of residents will be speaking at a county development hearing Monday, to contest the substation.

"We're petitioning having it moved from the proposed site in this area," says Lahtinen.

He says the land in Sams Valley is zoned by the county exclusivity for farm use, but according to an land development ordinance, there can be industrial development if the company can't find any other land to build on. Lahtinen says there is.

"There is property in the Whetstone Industrial Park not too far away that will accommodate that substation," says Lahtinen.

He says having a big development like this in the rural town, will hurt it in more ways than one.

"There's a fire risk as I mentioned, it's noisy, it will be lit at night," says Lahtinen.

It's all risks, most people in the community don't want.

"There are quite a few of local residents who are quite upset at the fact this proposal was even made, much less that the county approved what we consider to be a very poor attempt at justifying the use of this property," says Lahtinen.

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