Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office is racing the clock to keep jail funding


YREKA, Cali - The $27 million that the Siskiyou County Jail was awarded in lease revenue bonds may be in jeopardy.

Construction costs have thrown out the possibility of building a new jail as originally planned.

The sheriff’s office and the county are working on using the juvenile hall and expand it by building an annex as an alternative.

This will add an additional 140 beds to the 100 the jail currently has.

"The main issue is that we have this $27 million that we will forfeit the funds if we don't come up with a viable project alternative that is acceptable to board of state and community corrections," said Sheriff Jon Lopey, Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Lopey hopes to come up with an adjusted proposal to present to the board in the coming weeks.

The deadline for approval from the board is in October.

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