Skrah Trial Day 4: Defense rests after Correction Officer testimonies

Deputy Ralph Sprague with Klamath County Sheriff's Office looks at an exhibit presented by Defense Attorney Rosalind Lee. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Klamath County, Ore. - Jurors in the case against former Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah got sent home around 11:30 Thursday morning.

This was after the defense called in corrections officers from the Klamath County Jail to testify on the bookings of Kenneth Bragg and Jason Charles.

"Did you receive any information that [Bragg] had suffered a blow to the head?" Defense Attorney Rosalind Lee asked Sgt. Billy Stripling.

"I believe he said 'no' to that question," Stripling replied.

Stripling booked Bragg into the jail in February 2015. Bragg testified on Tuesday saying he had been choked by Skrah, but Stripling said he did not notice any identifying signs of strangulation. Upon cross-examination, Stripling admitted he had not really had training in regard to identifying strangulation signs. He said he had only had basic medical training.

After Stripling, Lee called Deputy Ralph Sprague to the stand. Sprague helped book Jason Charles in January of 2014. Much of the testimony on Wednesday focused on Charles's arrest to see if he had been struck by Skrah, but Charles himself did not testify.

When Sprague discussed the booking process, he mentioned that Charles 'was not assaultive towards [the booking officers].' When asked if Charles complained of being assaulted by a police officer during his arrest, Sprague said Charles did not complain or even mention it.

Sprague told the jury Charles was pretty quiet and did not answer many of their standard questions, including if he had ever been assaulted.

"When I asked him the question, he just stood there staring at me," Sprague said. "He did not reply."

The attorneys and judge reconvened at 4:00 to discuss jury instructions, but on Friday, the jury will hear closing arguments and make a decision on the charges against Skrah.

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