Skrah trial ends; jury finds former Klamath County Sheriff guilty on five counts

Former Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah has been found guilty on five of seven counts again. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Klamath County, Ore. - After three hours of deliberation, the jury found former Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah guilty in five of seven counts against him.

Skrah was guilty of all three harassment counts, the attempted assault in the fourth degree and one official misconduct. The jury found Skrah not guilty on the official misconduct and strangulation counts against Kenneth Bragg despite Bragg's testimony on Tuesday saying Skrah had choked him.

Some in the courtroom thought the verdict was wrong, and one woman simply wanted to give Skrah a hug. All those in favor of Skrah said they were not in the emotional state to do an interview.

One Chiloquin woman present did not come to most of the trial, but came for closing arguments.

"[Defense Attorney Rosalind Lee] didn't give a good defense," Sandy Mosttler said. "She made a joke of how they held down the one suspect and compared it to a Saturday morning cartoon."

Mosttler says she's happy with the verdict.

"It's a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned," Mosttler said. "Law enforcement needs to be out there and needs to be doing a good job. They don't need to be out there abusing people."

Mosttler complimented the Klamath County Sheriff's Office saying 'they do a great job.'

The prosecution feels the same as Mosttler.

"It was an important case for this community and we really appreciate the hard work of the jury as well as working with law enforcement," Victoria Roe, interim District Attorney for Klamath County and Deputy Attorney General, said.

Skrah and his attorneys declined to do an interview.

Skrah will be sentenced on May 26th at 2:00 P.M.

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