Tech Company moves headquarters to Medford

Outside of current Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions office in Medford

The former Silicon Valley based tech company Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is moving it's headquarters to Medford.

They announced the decision last night at a conference in the 7 Feathers Casino Convention Center.

City and State officials like Governor Kate Brown and Secretary of State Denis Richardson praised the move.

"The high tech manufacturing jobs that you provide here already are a major asset to Southern Oregon; and adding your headquarters is a welcome vote of confidence that Oregon is on the right track," said Governor Kate Brown.

Although Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has had locations in Medford for a number of years, moving the headquarters to Southern Oregon will bring an increase in new jobs.

They say that the company will have a positive economic impact on the Rogue Valley.

"Every dollar that's made in the local economy circulates in that economy a certain number of times. You get your paycheck, and you go to buy gas or groceries and go get your car worked on or whatever, you're spending that money in the local economy... so what you're creating is more opportunity, you're creating a stronger foundation of family wage jobs that will create a stronger economic multiplier so that businesses that are dependent on what happens in the local economy can benefit from a rising tide of prosperity," said Mark VonHolle, Marketing Manger of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions.

The average median wage at Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is double the wage of the average worker of Jackson County.

VonHolle says, the decision the move to the headquarters to Medford was a mixture of Oregon State economic considerations along with quality of life for workers.

"From a business standpoint Oregon has advantages over California both in terms of more competitive costs in terms of taxes, utilities, workers comp, labor, and also housing costs are 30 cents on the dollar in comparison to the Silicon Valley. So it's a far more affordable place for our workforce to be able to live than the Silicon Valley." Said VonHolle, "there's an exceptional quality of life [in Southern Oregon] in regards to the scenic beauty and Outdoor Adventure that we have here that's very attractive to our employees."

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions plans on increasing their Medford area workforce by 37 percent after the headquarters moves to Medford.

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