Yreka Police see's decrease in theft this year from last year

Theft decrease (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval) 

Yreka residents are seeing lots of theft going on in the area, but Yreka police say theft has actually decreased this year from last year.

Chief Brian Bowls says, to make sure you are reporting even the smallest thefts. He says everything from over $400 to vehicle thefts from January to July is at 89, last year, that number was 126.

"It's so important to try to keep the not only the big thefts, but the little thefts down. Public perception is everything and social media has a big play to do with that. One theft on social media can expand into a huge ordeal, which they have a right to do so, but a lot of that information is important to get to us," Chief Bowls said.

He says he tries to keep officers on the street to be proactive, so even if you don't know who the suspect is, still report the theft.

Chief Bowls says there is an online system the public can use to report these crimes as well, you can find that on their website by clicking here.

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