Tree companies continue cleaning up Grants Pass

SOUTHERN OREGON -- Crews cleaned up a huge pine tree that fell on the side of a house on Beverly Dr. in Grants Pass on Thursday.

It was the result of another night of wind and rain that moved through.

"Well the problem is there is so much water saturation from that rain last night," Frank Notho with Robert Dean's Tree Service said. "The wind came up which didn't help and it was up on the hillside up there and when the wind pushed it over it just came over."

Even though this tree fell all the way through the house and front yard, Notho said it wasn't the largest one he's ever seen.

"It's a standard size tree for what we normally do but it was awful tall," he said. "You can see where it cut the corner off her house off. Smashed those two trucks that were in there."

The woman who lives in the house was not in the kitchen, where the tree fell through around 4 a.m. Thursday. She said she's glad the damage was not worse and owes some of her safety to the angel statue that she just recently fixed and put back in her kitchen.

At Depot Bridge Bike Shop, they said the continued rain has made it difficult for business.

"It's out of the bike season now but starting next month they'll start getting into it but some people are bringing their bikes in to get in to the season opening," owner Brad Hawkins said. "Or some are die hard bikers rain doesn't bother them."

Tree companies in Grants Pass said they know of a few places where there was damage and clean-up going on Thursday.

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