Truck drivers may be able to pick up the pace on the freeways

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

MEDFORD, Ore. - The State Speed Zone Review Panel is considering upping the speed limit for truck drivers from 55 MPH to 60 MPH on sections of I-5, I-84 and I-205.

Something 26-year truck driver Keith Pyle would very much like to see.

"Anything would help. If you raise trucks to 60 most of them are going to do 62 or 63, cars are still going to do 70 but you're closed the gap," Pyle said.

He believes it would also stop angered drivers.

"[They] flip ya off, honk their horn, hold their hand out the window, the typical road rage. It creates accidents because people get mad."

The safety argument on the other side is a regular pickup truck weighs about 8,000 pounds and a fully loaded freight is about 80,000 pounds and much harder to stop.

Either way both sides believe more police presence would help with the discrepancy in speeds that cause backups.

"Just the presence of a marked unit out there helps deter some of the speeding and illegal lane changes that sort of thing," Oregon State Police Sergeant, Jeff Proulx said.

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