Williams historic post office moves to a private property to be saved

WILLIAMS, Ore. - The Williams Post Office now sits on resident Claudia Pratt's property.

"Well I found out that the post office was going to be removed out of the fire departments land because they needed to expand their partaking lot. The post office was built in 1948 and I just though how sad it would be to see that in a pile of boards," Pratt said.

Rather than parting ways with the post office altogether, Pratt offered the fire department a $1,000 donation, and paid about $2,750 for permitting and moving expenses to save the structure.

With it on her property, Pratt will work on renovating the inside and outside of this nearly 70-year-old post office.

"It will probably take me about two years because I plan to do most of it myself," Pratt said.

Although the community isn't thrilled the post office has moved, several of them understand why.

"It's way better to preserve it than to demolish it. Whatever it takes and it stays in the community. It doesn't go off to Portland or something," community member, Judy Wells said.

Pratt says she intends to one day open it up for student tours.

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