WinCo Foods security allegedly stops attempted shoplifter

WinCo Foods security allegedly stopped a shoplift attempt Tuesday evening. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Grants Pass, Ore. - Around 5:30 Tuesday night, Penny Hyde saw two men at WinCo Foods take down and handcuff a suspected shoplifter.

Hyde could not be more happy about what she saw - especially after speaking with a woman who heard the two men say he was trying to run from the store.

Hyde was so happy, she posted it on Facebook for Josephine County residents to read - they had the same reaction. Hyde says she wishes other big stores in town would hire security to limit or eliminate shoplifting.

"If the stores were more proactive in stopping it, then maybe we would kind of see a decrease in the incidents," Hyde said.

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety says the company has its own security, but calls them when necessary.

WinCo Foods declined to comment on anything that may have happened on Tuesday night. No charges have been filed. WinCo Foods will not release a video per company policy.

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