Woman hits husband with bamboo stick over receipt

Elizabeth Moule (Coos County Jail)

A woman is arrested after hitting her husband in the head with a bamboo stick.

Coos County Sheriff responded to a report of a man who suffered a head injury on North Lake Road in Lakeside.

When deputies arrived they spoke to 42-year-old Eleizabeth Moule who they say appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Elizabeth told them that her husband, Robert Moule, had hurt himself.

Deputies spoke to Robert who says that the incident happened when he had asked Elizabeth what she had done with his chainsaw. Elizabeth told him she had pawned it. When Robert asked for the receipt, Elizabeth “flipped out” and hit him on the head with a bamboo stick.

Sheriffs were able to locate a bloody bamboo stick on the property.

Robert was treated on scene for several lacerations and scratches to his head. He refused to be taken to the hospital.

Elizabeth Mule is charged with assault II and unlawful use of a weapon and was taken to the Coos County Jail. Her bail is set at $275,000,000.

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