Yreka residents see a significant spike in their power bills

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

YREKA, Cal. - Sky high power bills in Yreka are causing concern for residents.

"We're not using any more than normal," Yreka resident Edgar Contreras said.

He says his bill this month was far from normal.

"It's normally about $100 to $150. This last winter it was a little bit more because it was colder and I expected that but all of the sudden this last month was $335," Contreras said.

That's about two and a half times more than he's used to.

When he called to ask what happened, Pacific Power told him they could not get to the meters the last few months.

"So they prorated to what it would average out to be and they would tax on the rest onto this month. But even then, I didn't think it would be that high," Contreras said.

Pacific Power says everyone's case is different.

For business owner Zapata Parra, her shop was unaffected, but her home further south of town was.

"There has been a difference. Here in the store and in my parent's house [we] haven't seen much of a difference in their power bill but over in my house there has been a pretty big spike," Parra said.

That spike almost tripled her bill.

"It spiked up to about 340 or so," Parra said.

Pacific Power says this is likely because of the below zero days the region had this winter.

Resident Jacqueline Turner says she tries to use natural heat as much as she can.

"Every year we usually use wood heat. We do run the heater when we need to or space heaters in some of the back bedrooms," Turner said.

Her bill has stayed consistent.

For community members that are struggling to pay this month's bill, Pacific Power provides a list of resources here.

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