FULL INTERVIEW: Justin Matthews sits down with Gov. John Kasich

Justin Matthews sat down with Gov. John Kasich after his Medford townhall, Thursday, April 28, 2016. (KTVL)

MEDFORD-- Justin Matthews sat down with Gov. John Kasich after his Medford campaign stop at Central Medford High School Thursday evening. Here are the takeaways from the one-on-one interview:

  1. Why he's still in the race: "Most of the candidates have a negative view of things, I have a positive view that's not pie in the sky but I think we should have hope and not be depressed about the future."
  2. How his family is handling the campaign life: "We live a very normal life, my wife, she's involved to a degree but not so much and my kids are 16 years-old, they're not spending a lot of time saying, 'I wonder how daddy's doing,' although one of my daughters yesterday got upset about something she read somewhere, and she's like, you have to correct that daddy, and I'm like, no sweetheart it goes with the territory and politics."
  3. Take on small businesses: "Stop suffocating them with regulations, lower their taxes, and have fiscal responsibility in this state and in the country, those things will help our small businesses to flourish where our families can get jobs."
  4. Cannabis: "I couldn't be more opposed to legalizing drugs, I think it sends a dull message to our young people, that you know, some drugs are bad and some drugs are okay, I just don't happen to agree with it, people here have made a decision, we'll have to live with it, but I don't agree with it."
  5. Reaction to Mississippi and North Carolina decision: "I think economic issues are critically important, I think we need to respect people's views of their faith but I think at the same time we have to have tolerance, I don't think we can discriminate, I think it's a complex issue and I think we all outta just take a deep breath, take a chill pill and move on."
  6. What Oregonians should take away from his visit: "I can bring people together, we can solve these economic problems, we can create jobs, and relieve a lot of the anxiety that people have and at the same time we can rebuild America's defense and re-assume leadership in the world."
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