WATCH: Dog bonds with new kitten siblings


MEDFORD-- Prepare for a cuteness overload.

Friends of the Animal Shelter, a non-profit that supports the Jackson County Animal Shelter, shared a video of recently adopted cats playing with their new old black Labrador brother, and our hearts melted.

We reached out to owner Emily DeLisle to get the scoop.

Pete, now nine years old, has belonged to DeLisle since he was a puppy. Growing up, he had two older cats who picked on him a little bit as a puppy. But that didn't last very long.

"Pete loved Shadow and Lego," DeLisle said.

Unfortunately, Shadow and Lego recently passed and DeLisle said Pete would walk around the house looking for them.

When two new kittens, Kylo and Luke, were adopted, Pete was apprehensive at first. "He was scared of kittens," DeLisle said.

Pete happens to love picking up and dragging things, said DeLisle. And one day, he picked up a cord, and the kittens began to follow.

DeLisle said Pete and the cats love the new game. "He'll pick it up, and the kittens will follow him wherever he goes," DeLisle said.

Oh, and Pete's new buddies? If you hadn't guessed, they were named after Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker from Star Wars.

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