March Madness upsets rock the NCAA

march madness.PNG

A series of upsets rocked March Madness this year upsetting a lot of brackets.

We sat down with Pulitzer Prize winner and Sports Illustrated contributing writer, George Dohrmann, to get his advice for people making their brackets.

"Don't bet against good coaches. You know Michigan's coach Jon Beiline was a really good coach. So, when in doubt, your tiebreaker should be how good the coach is," Dohrmann said.

He said that youth may have played a hand in the Duke loss.

"I think one of the things we overlooked with some of the ACC teams was just their youth. Duke was young in a lot of spots. " Dohrmann said.

He also advised people not to bet too much on the games, because of the unpredictability of March Madness, even for experts like him.

"What I think you realize every NCAA tournament... is that you don't know that much. It's so unpredictable and that's always what makes March Madness so exciting." Dohrmann said.

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