Raiders root for more public at practice

The SOU Raiders will play at Ashland High School, Spiegelberg and Raiders Stadium during the next three weeks. (KTVL/Aaron Nilsson)

ASHLAND, Ore. -- The Southern Oregon University Raiders football team is hoping for more public attendance at their practices.

Their spring practices are in full bloom as new coach, Charlie Hall, Hopes to create a game-like atmosphere with enough support.

They'll spread around their intra-squad scrimmages between three different fields in the coming weeks.

Hall says it will benefit the team playing on different surfaces and in different environments.

Plus, it gives the community other options to come and watch the team.

"If people would rather come to watch the Raiders play at Ashland High School rather than our stadium, then that's great, we'll benefit from that group of people that are going to come and watch. Certainly next week we'll go to Medford and play at Spiegelberg and that's always a great venue to play in. Just looking forward to connecting to some of the people in the community in those different areas and I think that's good for our program," Hall said.

The Raiders hold their first intra-squad scrimmage tomorrow night (Friday) at Ashland High School at 6.

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