Sanderson Repeats With Labor Day Regatta Win

Roger Sanderson, #B200, Hoopa, Ca. (Cal-Ore River Racers Association)

(Cal-Ore River Racers Association)

It's been said to never underestimate the heart of a Champion, and perhaps that question was answered by Roger Sanderson (#B200) himself Monday as he won the 'Wild River Pizza & Brewing Labor Day Regatta' hydroplane race on the smokey and hazy Rogue River in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Sanderson, a 5-time Champion of the Cal-Ore River Racers Association, bounced back from defeat and failure from the last race in Gold Beach, to command the field of 18 boats by securing his 5th win on the 7-race summer circuit and the APBA/U.S. Championship.

The 54 year old veteran from Hoopa, California ironed his late-season problems out, and won all 4-legs of the race from Griffin to Baker Parks, while starting 17th.

Sanderson, in the 'My Circle-K/Oregon-California Supply' hydro, has won 12 races in the last 3 seasons including back-to-back CORRA 'High Point' Titles, and consecutive 'Boatnik' Championships.

"You learn can't win them all, and I'm just fortunate to have some great people around me, and helping me with my crew, family, and sponsors, and these guys are fast out here, and push you, so it's fun and they are all going to be champions, too, one day. We just had the right combination today."

Indeed, Sanderson sounds prophetic as 20-year old Chad Stichter (#100+) from Grants Pass made a huge statement by finishing 2nd Place in only his second race of the summer.

Veteran Jude Hostler (#50) of Hoopa, Ca. stayed in the race this week after being tossed out at Gold Beach in August, and stormed to a 3rd Place finish. Hostler has stood on the podium twice in the last 3 races.

Jesse Renihart and Levi Torgerson, both of Grants Pass finished 4th, and 5th, respectively. Reinhart runs a Mike Friesen built boat, and Togerson pilots an old Frank Word title boat.

Reinhart had everything to gain, and nothing to lose chasing Cameron Kirkland (#68) in the CORRA Points Standings race.

Reinhart needed a Top-3 finish Mondy, where three times previously this season he finished 2nd place, to bump Kirkland out of the runner-up spot.

That didn't happen as Reinhart scrambled to repair a blown out lower unit from the last frey, and Kirkland started the day having won the last 2 races, but did not finish as his steering cable severed in Leg-2.

Kirkland could only watch the last half of the race from the pit area in disbelief, yet had enough cushion in points to grab a Series Runnerup to Sanderson. Kirkland placed 11th.

California drivers, Michael Dickson (#20), Virgil Moorehead (#40R), and Robert Buckman (#05) all finished on the lead lap, and all finish the year in the Top-10 points standings.

Buckman wrapped up 'Rookie of the Year' Honors as he entered the weekend in 8th place, and the top rookie with 3 finishes.

The Cal-Ore group ends the season, and will prepare for the annual Winter Meeting in early November to elect new Officers, discuss rule amendments, and operating by-laws.

2017 was the 59th official year of racing, and it also saw the passing of the sports most heralded, and dominate racer in Don Burnison.

Burnison won 8 'Boatniks' and won 19 races consecutively at one point in his career. His passing, and, the upcoming 60th 'Boatnik' Tom Rice Memorial Cup presented by the Active Club, is sure to have a memorable feel when the news season kicks off next May.

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2017 Wild River Pizza & Brewing Labor Day Regatta Results:

1) Roger Sanderson, #B200, Hoopa, Ca.

2) Chad Stichter, #100+, Grants Pass, Or.

3) Jude Hostler, #50, Hoopa, Ca.

4) Jesse Reinhart, #17, Grants Pass, Or.

5) Levi Torgerson, #6, Grants Pass, Or.

6) Michael Dickson, #20, Willow Creek, Ca.

7) Virgil Moorehead, #40R, McKinleyville, Ca.

8) Robert Buckman, #05, Hoopa, Ca. **Rookie of the Year

9) Jeff Lewis, #007, Grants Pass, Or.

10) Matt Richardson, #23, Grants Pass, Or.

11) Cameron Kirkland, #68, Grants Pass, Or.

12) Justin Hood, #A1, Grants Pass, Or.

13) Kody Sells, #527, Grants Pass, Or.

14) Frank Lara, #30II, Hoopa, Ca.

15) Bryan Dickerson, #622, Grants Pass, Or.

16) Jim Eldred, #R35, Grants Pass, Or.

17) Dereck Ely, #11, Grants Pass, Or.

DNS Karl North, #77, Hoopa, Ca.

DNS Ulysses McLaughlin, #EZ1, Hoopa, Ca.

DNS Sony Man Downs, #41, Hoopa, Ca.


1) Roger Sanderson, #B200, Hoopa, Ca. 3,476.38

2) Cameron Kirkland, #68, Grants Pass, Or. 2,247.49

3) Jesse Reinhart, #17, Grants Pass, Or. 2,146.40

4) Jeff Lewis, #007, Grants Pass, Or. 1,614.62

5) Michael Dickson, #20, Willow Creek, Ca. 1,593.83

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