Medford teen fights for her life after being hit by a car in Central Point
16-year-old Hailee Patnesky is seen in the intensive care unit after being hit by a car in Central Point. Her family said she is a fighter and is excited about life.{ } (Courtesy: Michelle Patnesky)

A  Medford teen is in the intensive care unit at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center fighting for her life after being hit by a car in Central Point. The 16-year-old's family said Hailee Patnesky was walking near the corner of Gibbon Road and Azalea Drive with her younger sister and a friend when she was hit by a car.

“The neurosurgeon checked Hailee yesterday after she has been off of all of her sedation for about 24 hours and he gave her a score then of 4 out of 15, she is moving her head, she is coughing, she is moving her hands, and feet but they don’t know if that is just reflex,” said Hailee's mother, Michelle Patnesky. 

The Jackson County Sheriff’s office confirmed a teen was hit by a car on Saturday, January 9 in the area. The department said the incident is under investigation and could not elaborate on the details, but said it was not a hit and run and no one has been arrested in the case.

Patnesky said the group of girls wanted to walk home from the Stop and Go Market on Table Rock Road which is less than a block away from where the incident occurred.

“When I headed back home, I turned down Gibson and I saw a whole bunch lights, I couldn’t get through, I pulled over rolled down my window, and asked an officer and they told me someone got hit by a car that was on a bicycle and their parents were there,” Patnesky explained.

She said she felt relieved knowing it wasn’t her daughters and their friend because they were not on a bike.

“When I finally got home, my sister’s husband was there with my son and they told me Hailee got hit by a car,” she said. “I got to the hospital as soon as I could.”

Patnesky said Hailee is suffering from a fractured skull, separation of the skull, brain swelling, and bleeding.

“Her head is injured really bad, she is breathing on her own, her heartbeat is her own and she is maintaining her own blood pressure, but again they don’t know if that is just reflex.”

Patnesky said Hailee is a junior at North Medford High School who enjoys making videos on Tik Tok, loves taking selfies, and has played the violin since grade 6.

She explained her daughter had just earned her driver’s permit on December 31 and was looking forward to driving.

“She is funny, she has the best smile you have ever wanted to see on any kid, she has this beautiful twinkle in her eye and she is kind, anytime she goes to the store she is looking to buy things for other people,” Patnesky noted.

She said Hailee is a hard worker who began working at Dairy Queen and enjoyed giving back to others.

The family has put together a GoFundMe account to help pay for the medical expenses.

“She is excited about her life, she has her whole future ahead of her, she has everything waiting for her, we just need her to open her eyes and start healing,” she said. “She is a fighter and she is fighting like hell for her life right now.”

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