Terri's Troubles: Recent arrests give Kyron Horman's mother hope

MEDFORD, Ore. -- Terri Horman has been getting in trouble with the law lately, but still has not been named a suspect in the disappearance of Kyron Horman, her stepson. It's been six-and-a-half years since Kyron went missing. His biological mother told News10 she's at a 'pivotal point' for an update on her son.

"Yeah you just get up everyday because you have to. It doesn't get easier." Kyron's biological mother, Desiree Young, said.

Desiree lives in southern Oregon. She said today feels no different than the day her son, Kyron, went missing.

"Why Kyron?"

That's the question Desiree said she would ask Kyron's former stepmother, Terri, if she could talk to her after appearing on Dr. Phil last year.

"Just being me I was a little bit frustrated. I thought he was too soft on her." Desiree said.

Talking to Dr. Phil was the last public appearance Terri made since Kyron went missing from his Portland area elementary school. Terri was the last person to see 7-year-old Kyron. He was at a pre-class scence fair, where he was photographed, but then disappeared June 4, 2010. Desiree still suspects Terri's involvment in his disappearance.

"Yeah, I believe that she did something that day. She still hasn't revealed all of the true things that happened on June fourth."

After taping with Dr. Phil, police in California arrested Terri. Officers in Marysville said she stole a gun from her roommate. She was booked in the Yuba County Jail on July 4, 2016. She posted bail. Then, a couple days before Christmas, Terri was arrested for driving a stolen car in a town just outside of San Francisco. She was booked in the Marin County Jail and soon after posted bail.

"Everything that's been happening is just what we already know about her true nature. And that she's a criminal." Desiree said, "And I think that when she goes out there and grants interviews with Dr. Phil and continues to lie and not give us anything of any value it is somewhat frustrating because we're just still here dealing with the aftermath. Everyday living without answers and living without Kyron."

Desiree said the recent arrests give her hope in getting closer to finding her son. But she fears Terri may be up to more trouble.

"I think that she's a threat to the community. And I think that before she's in prison that she may end up hurting someone else." Desiree said.

Terri Horman has been going by the name, Terri Lynn Moulton. Her attorney told News10 she has no public comment at this time about the California arrests. The Marin County District Attorney's Office said due to "insufficient evidence" the stolen car charge has been dropped. But she still faces domestic abuse and a stolen weapon charge in Yuba County.

"She's going to be held accountable for what she's done. For Kyron and everything else. I hope that that's going to come this year." Desiree said.

Terri is scheduled to appear in a Yuba County courtroom Friday morning at 8:30.

As for the search for Desiree's son, she says there's a new head detective with new evidence, new searches and a renewed energy in the amount of time being spent to find Kyron Hormon.

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