Calls renewed for state of emergency due to illegal cannabis grows

Governor Gavin Newsom has not declared a state of emergency due to the illicit cannabis grows across Siskiyou County. (News 10/Mike Marut)

Tuesday morning, the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors renewed their calls to the California Governor's Office to declare a local state of emergency in Siskiyou County due to the excessive amount of illegal cannabis grows.

They first made the State of Emergency plea in 2017, according to District 1 Supervisor Brandon Criss.

"The problem continues," Criss said. "It's just like if there was a fire, the fire was still burning, you would still have the declaration of emergency."

Criss and Sheriff Jon Lopey understand there is a legal use for cannabis medically and legally it can be bought and sold, but the problem they face is people growing more than they are legally allowed to, turning around and selling it for a major profit to buyers who, Lopey says, may be on the east coast.

"The illicit marijuana problem is no different than a raging forest fire," Lopey said. "It's doing damage to our county, it is doing damage to our kids, it is doing damage to our environment."

If Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency for Siskiyou County's illicit cannabis problem, then the county's resources would be able to work with state and potentially federal resources in locating illegal grows and making sure they come into compliance, at the very least.

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