JoCo Commissioners "don't concur" with Marijuana Senate Bill 365

Josephine County Commissioners "don't concur" with Marijuana Senate Bill 365 (MGN Image)

A discussion around whether to endorse or oppose Oregon Senate Bill 365 was on the agenda for the Josephine County Board of Commissioner's Meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The bill would, in summary, prevent local governments from further imposing system development taxes on the marijuana industry, as it's related to production, processing, and retail. It would also allow properties already used in marijuana production to continue to do so, if the premise "was first licensed prior to city or county prohibition on marijuana production." Oregon Senate Bill 365 goes on to clarify that marijuana must be treated with the same practices and authority as prescription drugs are.

News 10 spoke with Commissioner Daniel DeYoung about the conclusions the Board came to during today's meeting. In short, "[they] don't concur," with passing the bill.

"I have reservations on a few things in the bill itself," DeYoung said. He continued on to outline a few key clauses he took issue with, saying that the bill would strip counties of their time, place, and manner of authority over marijuana businesses, as well as disallow counties to adopt future ordinances as they are applied to marijuana.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's still a federally controlled substance," said DeYoung.

DeYoung said he spoke with Oregon State Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr. today, during which he conveyed his thoughts on SB 365.

The Oregon State Senate is scheduled to have a work session on the bill this coming Thursday, March 21st.

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