Straying from stereotypes & "pot brownies"

Jen Clear Bell, owner of Rogue Raw, talks about their healthier edible options. (Felisha Le'Cher/News 10)

Rogue Raw is a cannabis edible company on a mission. “We celebrate the new era of legal recreational cannabis, in which we can break the old stereotypes,” states the Rogue Raw website. “Our vision is to bring you a different kind of edible. Real ingredients, quality cannabis, exciting flavors and products.”

Jen Clear Bell, owner of Rogue Raw in Medford, entered the cannabis industry after she received her own medical card while enrolled in massage school. “I got into the industry for the medical side,” says Clear Bell. “Cannabis was a great way to incorporate healing and show people the incredible benefits the plant can have.”

Before the legalization of recreational use, Rogue Raw was making edibles for those with medical cards.

“Healthy edibles were an underrepresented part of the market,” says Clear Bell. “When people think of cannabis edibles, they think of the pot brownie.”

She says they wanted to stray away from the stereotypical edibles and make something healthier. “I felt like for people using it as medicine, there has to be a better option,” she says. “I don’t eat sugar and I know I’m not alone in that, and there weren’t many [options] for people with dietary restrictions.”

Clear Bell recognized that most edibles on the market are sweet, so she wanted to make a savory option. “It’s mostly gummies, chocolates, and sweets,” she says. “We started with some roasted nuts.”

Tropica, the roasted nuts, come in two options- sriracha lime peanuts and Caribbean cashews.

“People in my parent’s generation buy a lot of edibles,” says Clear Bell. “I think the healthy aspect really appeals to people from that generation.”

Rogue Raw now makes a sugar-free tincture called Sips. “We use no artificial colors or flavors,” says Clear Bell. “It’s a fast-acting and long-lasting high.”

When Rogue Raw entered the market, they wanted to move away from "420 culture."

“It’s gotten better with legalization, but we need more people to come out about their cannabis use so it ends the stigma,” she says.

She expects to draw in a younger demographic with the Sips. They are small bottles of juice, cold brew, iced tea and more that are combined with cannabis or CBD.

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