Teddy bears, roses, and cannabis

C & C Rec Shop owner, Phil Carvalho, holds a small pop-top jar of cannabis. (Felisha LeCher/News 10)

Today marks the beginning of a new tradition for Phil Carvalho, Owner and Operator of C&C Farms Rec Shop in Medford.

In honor of Valentine’s Day they have created cannabis gift bags containing a teddy bear, chocolates (not of the cannabis variety), a rose, and a pop-top jar filled with your choice of cannabis flower. “We made it convenient for people to get their special someone a little gift,” Carvalho says. “We’re starting to see marijuana as a gift more often.”

The Rec Shop even has special holiday stickers decorating every jar of cannabis - a red heart that reads "Happy Valentines" with the date printed underneath.

Carvalho notes that going to a dispensary while running errands is a part of many people’s daily lives now. Since his Main St. location is near a grocery store and a liquor store, it's easy for people to get everything at once. “You can get your dank and your drank and your groceries," Carvalho says. "We get the residual customers because we're in this little plaza."

Carvalho says they are open every single day, including holidays. "We're open Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July. We're open," Carvalho says. He says they are hoping to do a holiday promo like the Valentine's Day one every month. C&C Farms Rec Shop plans to do a similar gift bag next month for St. Patrick’s Day. “We want to make this the new norm,” Carvalho explains as he organizes the jars of cannabis behind the counter.

Pulling an item from the shelf, Carvalho explains that customers can add other products to the gift bag and receive $2 off each item. Holding one of their newest products, a cannabis infused chocolate bar, he says that they "had 5 different kinds of gummies. [They're] trying to incorporate alternatives and give more variety for the customers.”

They still have cannabis-infused gummies, but they have now introduced more edibles into the mix, like chocolate and caramel corn.

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