Road Trippin' : A Growing Estate

Road Trippin: A Growing Estate (KTVL)

MEDFORD, Ore. -- Doug and Dionne Irvine say it was a trip to Europe that inspired them to make wine.

"We came home to our 80 acre ranch and Doug had this crazy idea that wouldn't it be beautiful to plant a vineyard on this property. And the rest is history," Dionne said about growing grapes. Their first vintage, in 2009 got a great response from friends and family.

"Just a little teeny production, but doing really good. We were making some really good wines, so we decided to do the expansion," Doug said about the work they've been doing the last several years. Their new tasting room opened a few weeks ago and the winery will follow. They plan on putting in more grapes next year.

Their winemaker, Vince Vidrine said getting the job seemed like it was meant to be. He was working in the Willamette Valley at Domaine Serene when he was looking for something different. A mutual friend got him in touch with the Irvines.

"I flew down here a few days later and met with everyone and everything really clicked. Two days later, I was looking for a place to live here," Vidrine said.

The vineyard itself is in a really unique spot in Ashland.

"The convergence of the Siskiyous and the Cascades and just having east facing slopes and gentle morning sun," Dionne said about the vineyard.

The Irvines say the site has been their home for years and they're excited to share what they've know for a long time.

The tasting room at Irvine & Roberts Vineyard is open every day this summer, from 11-6. You can get more information about their wines here.

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