Road Trippin : Clearing the air

Trish Glose/KTVL

It’s a quick getaway from the heat and smoke on Highway 140. The recent fires are not slowing down business at Lake of the Woods. In fact, co-owner of the resort, George Gregory says there’s still a lot of summer to be had.

“We only get 3 months out of the year to make it happen up here,” Gregory says.

He says despite a few hazy days, the numbers for July didn’t waiver much, if at all.

“We've had an incredibly busy summer, the whole month of July, we were operating at capacity, probably over capacity on the weekends. For the fourth of July celebration, we had 1,000 people park and walk in because we didn't have parking,” Gregory says.

Gregory says there’s only been a few bad days where it’s mostly hazy. He says when the wind comes in and blows the smoke out, the temperatures are much cooler. It’s information visitors are wanting to know on a daily basis.

“The phone rings 50 times a day, people asking how's the smoke, are there any fires. We don't have any fires nearby, but we're obviously the victim of smoke from the Carr fire, the Garner complex, the Taylor fire, the Crater fire, we're at the mercy of mother nature and the wind,” Gregory says.

The lake not only offers a place to cool off, but people can rent paddle boards, paddle boats, kayaks, pontoons and fishing boats.

“The fishing is still really good here and our other facility at Four Mile lake, there's only six campers up there, but the fishing up there is phenomenal right now. They're catching 18-inch rainbows,” Gregory says.

While many people are still worried about the smoke choking out the rest of their summer, Gregory says there’s still plenty to do at Lake of the Woods.

“We have two months left in our season, we have activities every single weekend, all the way through mid-September. Our last big event is a car show on the weekend of September 14th. We have a triathlon the weekend before that. On any given day, the conditions up here at Lake of the Woods are better than any other location in Southern Oregon.”

Learn more about the events coming up at the resort, plus rentals, prices and times at the Lake of the Woods website.

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