Road Trippin' : Day at the lake

Trish Glose/KTVL

A quick drive puts you at Emigrant Lake – just outside of Ashland. Jackson County Parks Program Manager Steve Lambert says that’s only part of the appeal.

“We have camping, tent style camping, RV facility to a water slide and playground, general picnic areas and popular for boating, and a couple of boat ramps here on site,” Lambert says.

It’s also a popular place for paddle boarding, but Lambert says the lake serves another person.

“Emigrant Lake is a reservoir we manage with an agreement with Bureau of Reclamation, it's primary use is irrigation for the valley's vineyards and orchards, but secondary use is recreation so it's one of the hotter spots for locals in the valley,” Lambert says.

The water slides are also a big draw and been around since the 1990’s. Lambert says they’re a beloved feature with families.

He says another plus is the lake’s location.

“It's what we call the epitome of the staycation. You're here, close to home and not spending a lot of time on travel,” Lambert says.

Jackson County Parks maintains 19 developed park facilities, 710 campsites and about a dozen boat ramps.

“We love working hard all winter long so people can come out here and have fun in the summer time,” Lambert says.

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