Road Trippin' : Hanging high

Trish Glose/KTVL

A true adventure waits off Highway 140 for thrill seekers, those who love the outdoors or even those who are looking to conquer some fears.

It’s the adventure Jen Roe envisioned years ago. She and her husband own Real Oregon Experience where they do guided tours, kayaking and fishing. It was after a ziplining trip in Belize though, she knew she wanted to create something similar at home.

“We had the fortune of knowing a gal who said, hey have you ever been to the top of Tomahawk Hill? This used to be a ski area and closed in 1984 and we said, let's go check it out,” Roe says about the location.

She and her family made the grueling hike to the top and couldn’t believe the views, “we just looked at each other and said, yeah, this is where we really need to do this.”>

They started research and building in 2013. Roe says they were lucky to find a company in the industry to work on the project.

“I drove them crazy because I was like, I don't want to hike in between, once we get in the trees, I want to stay there. There were a few times they offered an alternative and I was like no, we have to be in the trees the whole time,” Roe laughs about the project.

The park opened in the summer of 2015 and Roe says it’s been successful ever since.

“People come out and they're so ready to adventure and so fun and kind and excited and nervous and we get so many people from different walks of life and different places in the world,” Roe says.

The park recently opened Sasquatch Hollow Kids Adventure. Roe says it’s a timed adventure where children can go on their own tour in the trees. Guides are on the ground and can help if needed, but groups of kids are able to explore and zipline by themselves.

A lot of the children and many of the adults get butterflies before they tackle that first zip and there may be good reason. Crater Zipline has the two longest ziplines in the state.

“We do our second line, a little over 200 feet. After that, we get to the second longest line in Oregon which is over 14 hundred feet. Our longest line, which is 1480 feet long and that's the one where we get you going about 40 to 50 miles per hour,” ziplining guide Cody Dykstra says.

Dykstra is in charge of showing groups the ropes high in the trees. He says he sees true thrill-seekers and those who are a little shaky.

“Once they get up there and see how high we are off the ground and some of our longer ziplines and how far and how fast we actually get going, they actually are really excited and really stoked to get up there and zip,” Dykstra says.

Crater Zipline is located right off Highway 140. There are some weight and height restrictions and all of those are listed on the website. Visitors can book their trip on the site, or call the park.

Roe says it’s an ideal location for anyone who wants to turn their adventure into a road trip.

“A lot of people make a day of it and they'll end up coming and zipping in the morning and go up to Crater Lake National Park in the afternoon or they'll come from the park for an afternoon zip.”

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