Road Trippin' : Hitting the trails


MEDFORD, Ore. -- A park that began in the 1930's in Medford is still thriving and attracting more and more people. Pete Young with Medford Parks and Recreation says Prescott Park is 1,700 acres and started during the Great Depression as part of a jobs program.

"It kind of fell into decline for a while, and then had a resurgence. We asked the public what they wanted to do with this park and unanimously, people said they wanted to maintain that original character," Young said about the park's comeback.

He said residents wanted trails, no motorized vehicles, no night use, no camping or hunting. They got all of that, plus some. Young says on certain days, the park is incredibly popular.

"I was up here on one of the first warm days of the year. It was unbelievable, there were cars parked halfway down the hill. If you come up in December or January when it's foggy in the Rogue Valley, the sun will be out and those days you get quite a turnout," Young said about the park.

"It takes you outside of being in the Rogue Valley and gives you a different type of view," Damian Rasmussen said about the views. Rasmussen grew up in the Rogue Valley, but currently lives in Miami. On a recent visit to southern Oregon, he wanted to take his wife to a spot that really encapsulated the valley.

Young says the park continues to evolve as more and more people are finding different ways to enjoy the area.

Equestrian trails are going in soon, along with other trails and additional parking.

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