Road Trippin' : Touring on two wheels

Road Trippin': Touring on two wheels (KTVL)

MEDFORD, Ore. -- The idea started in 2006 when David Works and his family wanted to do something different.

"We just had this idea of juxtaposing technology and history of Jacksonville, kind of integrating them side by side. We thought it would be a really fun mix," Works says about his business, Segway of Jacksonville.

The business entered the Ashland 4th of July parade that year and it was an immediate hit. They soon started booking tours with locals and people from around the globe.

"All across the country, all over the world so we've had people from Europe and Asia. Everywhere," Works said about his customers.

Popular spots on the tour include Nunan Square, the Jacksonville Cemetery and the downtown area. He hears back from customers all the time saying the tour was the best part of their trip.

If you'd like to book a Segway tour, you can find prices and reservations here.

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