Uber helps to drive voters to the polls

KTVL / Jennevieve Fong

Uber is working to help Americans get to the polls on election day tomorrow. The company is offering $10 discount off a single ride on the most affordable ride option available in each city.

However, with certain restrictions in Ashland, the promotion is not as useful to their residents. Drivers are allowed to drop off riders within city limits, but are not allowed pick them up.

Ashland resident Eleanor Hobson said she still think it could be useful to some potential voters.

“It might be something that I take advantage of as far as 'Oh, I can take the bus to my local ballot location,’ but then know that I have a ride home that’s going to be faster,” Hobson said.

Hobson dropped off her ballot at the local public library, one mile away from the Southern Oregon University campus.

“We are definitely lucky in Oregon to have the opportunity to vote by mail, but also people get busy and stuff happens," Hobson said. “I always know people with full-time jobs or are taking care of kids might not have the hours out of their day to wait in line somewhere, so for places that don’t have mail-in as an option, I can completely see how that would be a hassle. ”

With the ride-sharing restrictions in the city, Hobson said she spends a lot of money on taxi cabs, usually late at night to get home.

“I also know that local companies suffer when a big company like Uber come in," Hobson said. "Ashland makes big efforts to keep local and smaller businesses alive, which I appreciate."

Organizations #VoteTogether and Democracy Works have sent out promotional codes, enabling more than 15,000 potential voters with transportation.

Interested riders need to make sure they have the most recent version of the application and use the code "VOTE2018."

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