Freshman Senator Mike Braun: Fellow Senator Mitt Romney's op-ed is a 'mistake'

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Too many Republican elected officials have remained quiet about the divisive and unnecessary opinion piece published by freshman Senator Mitt Romney of Utah which attacked President Trump. I spoke with fellow freshman Senator Mike Braun of Indiana about his views on Romney’s attack of President Trump. Here’s what he shared:

SENATOR BRAUN: To me I thought it was clumsy to do that when you're not even sworn in. It looks to me like you're staking out a political agenda. You know, we've got tax reform, we've got a booming economy. We're unleashing the productive capacity of people like me that had been enterprisers entrepreneurs. All that good stuff.

I would have calculated it, hey, let's get here, see how you might work with him and some of the good stuff that occurred.

BORIS: With the president?

SENATOR BRAUN: Yes, and he chose otherwise. I think it was a mistake and I think he probably had no idea we’re going to have a jobs report of 312,000 new jobs created, wages going up, all the things Democrats are for. And I think it puts egg not only on the face of Mitt Romney, but the other side of the aisle too.

I don't think I've heard one individual affirm his point of view. Have you?

BORIS: I have not. No, I have not.

SENATOR BRAUN: So I think that he'll take that as a lesson of, you know, be careful, especially when you're now part of a Senate and a caucus that I think wants to really get stuff done and I don't think it's productive to come out of the gate like that.

Here’s the bottom line: It is not Senator Romney’s job to be the higher moral authority of the Senate. It is his job to represent the best interests of his constituents and of the American people. Let’s hope that Mitt Romney gets on board and works with President Trump for the betterment of Americans.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Boris Epshteyn formerly served as a Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign and served in the White House as Special Assistant to The President and Assistant Communications Director for Surrogate Operations.

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