After Las Vegas, Katko believes bump stocks should face new restrictions

Rep. John Katko makes statement on bump stocks

The massacre in Las Vegas last Sunday night spurred a national discussion regarding the use of bump stock devices, after 12 of Stephen Paddock's rifles featured the devices that can fire hundreds of rounds per minute.

Rep. John Katko is among those on Capitol Hill discussing the possibility of congressional action regarding new restrictions on the device.

"I think that there is a growing consensus from the NRA and both sides of the White House that they should be treated like an automatic weapon with the same amount of restrictions and I think that's the right way to go and I'm confident over the next couple of weeks we can work that out in Congress," Katko said.

Rep. Katko believes that bump stocks should be restricted in the same way that automatic weapons are.

"We gotta acknowledge the fact that the second amendment is a constitutional right. It’s not something that’s picked out of the air. We can’t chip away constitutional rights like that, but I think the way we are contemplating it is going to be a fine compromise between the two and I think it’ll work out," the congressman explained.

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