3 year-old finds a bag of methamphetamine



The Medford community is so vigilant, that within 30 minutes of the Medford Police Department asking for the public's help in identifying two suspects, they were flooded with calls related to the case. They sent out a thank you to all of the "Facebook Detectives" who helped.

ORIGINAL (Jan. 15th) -

Medford Police officers were dispatched to a local restaurant on Monday, January 14th, after a mother found her infant child holding a bag of methamphetamine.

According to the Medford Police Department, surveillance video from inside the restaurant shows the child picking up the bag of narcotics from under a napkin dispenser. Police have narrowed down their suspects to an individual seen wearing a red shirt and red baseball cap, he is described as a tall and thin Caucasian male, with dirty blonde hair.

The suspect in red attire is believed to be the person responsible for placing the narcotics under the napkin dispenser, the other individual that appears in the photographs is believed to be his accomplice.

"This is kind of unusual because it occurred inside of a restaurant, it's not out of the ordinary, where people will place narcotics for other people to find, it avoids that hand to hand transaction," Lieutenant Justin Ivens with the Medford Police Department said.

"Ultimately it was discovered by a small child and that's the concern," Ivens said.

"The parent in this situation did a great job identifying that something was not right, obtained the narcotics from the child, which she believed was drugs them proceeded to give it to the restaurant employees who then contacted us," Ivens said.

News 10 attempted to find out where specifically this happened, but MPD declined to disclose that information, saying that the business did not want to be identified as a place of drug dealing.

Anyone with information can call or text Crime Stoppers of Southern Oregon at 1-800-850-0580 and refer to case number KTVL 01-15-19.

Depending on the case and the information is given, Crime Stoppers will pay a reward up to $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest and filing of charges. Callers can remain anonymous. The reward is sponsored by Rogue Credit Union.

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