CRIME STOPPERS: "Sniper" Shooting at Cars in Eagle Point

Someone is shooting at cars with a high-powered pellet rifle in Eagle Point. (KTVL/Aaron Nilsson)

EAGLE POINT, Ore. -- Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputies on the hunt for someone hiding and shooting at cars.

Detectives said they've gotten several reports in the last ten days about someone using a high-powered pellet rifle, shooting at cars passing by.

It's damaging cars near the 700 block of Brownsboro Highway in Eagle Point.

They believe this person is setting up in the trees or bushes.

"One is the concern because people's cars are getting damaged, but the even greater concern is that one of these pellet rounds strikes a person and hurts the person so, we're trying to get this resolved before someone gets hurt," Captain Tim Snaith said.

There is no pattern to when these are happening.

It's pretty random with reports showing all different times of day and night.

This case number is the date: 05-24-16.

If you have any information on the shooter in this case, you can call or text Crime Stoppers at 1-800-850-0580.

Depending on the case and information given, Rogue Credit Union will pay you up to $1000 for information leading to an arrest and filing of charges.

You can remain anonymous.

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