CRIMESTOPPERS: Medford man dies in drive-by shooting

An officer investigating the crime scene of a Medford drive-by shooting. (KTVL/Alexander Mesadieu)

A family in Medford had to spend a thanksgiving without a man who some called dad, some called uncle, and some called son, after a murder the night before.

The shooting occurred Wednesday night around 5:30 PM.

Gun shots were fired out from a dark mini-van on Chestnut Avenue, killing 23-year-old father Christian Miguel Barajas. Within a minute of getting the call, Medford Police (MPD) were on scene, the mini-van had already left.

"We can't have this occurring in the city of Medford, we don't want this to occur in the city of Medford," said Lt. Justin Ivens, of MPD.

Witnesses say the mini-van sped off heading north from near the corner of Meadows and Chestnut Ave.

Police say that they need witnesses who saw the van, or know the people involved to step forward,

"I think what this is gonna take is someone that was in that area recalls 'holy cow I remember seeing this car come around the corner fast.' Or [a tip coming from] people associated with the people involved in this."

MPD suspects that this shooting was gang related, but they are not ruling out any other motives as of yet.

Police need your help solving this crime.

If you have any information on a possible suspect, call or text Crimestoppers at at 1-800-850-0580.

Rogue Credit Union will pay $1000 for information leading to an arrest and filing of charges.

As always, you can remain anonymous.

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