East Evans Fire, 100% lined in 24 hours

A helicopter providing support to firefighters fighting the Evans Creek Fire, August 3, 2019. (Sammy Shakah/News 10)

Firefighters have made significant progress on the East Evans Fire overnight Friday that was reported to dispatch as a structure fire around 2 in the afternoon.

Three hours later, it grew to approximately 300 acres in size.

One firefighter was seriously injured in the northeast area of the fire and was transported by air to a local hospital for treatment.

"The cause is still under investigation. When this fire was called in it was called as a structure fire with five acres spread to wildland. So investigators are looking over that area to determine what exactly caused it and will look into that," Natalie Weber, of the Oregon Department of Forestry said.

Within twenty-four hours after the fire broke out, they were able to get the fire completely lined.

After the East Evans Fire was called into dispatch, the Oregon Department of Forestry's cameras detected a thick smoke column which promoted an aggressive response to put out the flames.

Eight engines, four helicopters, an air attack plane, and more vehicles helped assist firefighters on very steep terrain.

"The steep ground makes it very difficult. You know, you're tired from working the fire and then you're hiking by the time you get to the fire you're already worn out and a lot of your energy is wasted just hiking, to the actual fire," said Victor Gomez, a Firefighter at the scene.

More than 200 personnel were expected to work on the fire, Saturday.

Taking down dangerous trees is planned for firefighters, as hot, windy and dry temperatures were expected for Saturday.

Aircraft were focused on preventing the chance of the fire spreading further.

The vast availability of resources to fight the fire is greatly beneficial as officials recall last years fire season which was intense, leaving much fewer resources available to fight the flames.

The Oregon Department of Forestry said they are really grateful for all the hard work firefighters have done during the first twenty-four hours following the fire being called in.

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