Feeding a firefighter

Items found in a typical lunch for a firefighter fighting the Milepost 97 Fire. (Sammy Shaktah/News 10)

As numerous fires are breaking out in our region, firefighters work hard to combat the flames, and doing so can be demanding on the body.

While out in the field, they can burn through large amounts of calories, so eating enough is very important for having plenty of energy while conducting operations.

At the Milepost 97 Fire Camp in Myrtle Creek, firefighters eat their three meals a day.

The nutrition goal is to get an intake of six thousand calories each day.

This helps them as their bodies undergo work that can be very demanding, especially in the summer heat.

Their bagged lunches provide two sandwiches along with plenty of snacks, as well as a fruit.

"Every day they get 6000 calories, we give them three meals a day in our kitchen. We'll cook breakfast and dinner and we contract out bag lunches, so they'll come and we'll start cooking at 2 am and get ready for 4:30 breakfast. The firefighters will come through they'll get a 2000 calorie breakfast," said Nick Stumpf, Food Unit Leader at the Milepost 97 Fire Camp.

This is Stumpf’s third season feeding firefighters.

He mentioned how happy the food makes the firefighters after a long day of work.

One of their favorite dinners they receive is prime rib, according to Stumpf.

Stumpf says he can see firefighters walking to the food tent with a smile on their face, which is a highlight of his day.

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