Search and Rescue saves Medford man lost and stuck in mud

Mud left from David Colby's truck after he was stuck in the woods on Thursday. (News 10 / Jennevieve Fong)

A Medford man is back home with his family, after Jackson County Search and Rescue saved him while he was stuck out in the woods.

After her husband David was missing for six hours, Renee Colby decided to contact Jackson County Search and Rescue for help.

"I had no idea what to do, as far as how to find him," Renee said. "They asked what he was driving, they asked what he was wearing, even down to his socks and shoes."

David, who is born and raised in southern Oregon, said he likes to go out to the woods to explore a few times a week. While he was driving up Evans Creek Rd., his truck got stuck in the mud and he was unable to call for help.

"I'd been up about a week ago and took a different road and got up in snow and I said 'That's enough,'" David said. "I turned around and came back, I should have done it there too."

Two men were going past David and asked if him if he was okay, as David also injured himself after falling. Renee said he was walking around with blood on his nose. The family said the men, then, called authorities. Search and Rescue arrived to the scene shortly after.

"I thought that was great, the cavalry is here," David said.

"They called me and it was Dep. Shawn Richards and they said 'We've got him, he's up here,'" Renee said.

She said she is indebted to the two men and the law enforcement officers who brought David back home safely.

"If they had not really on the ball, I don't know how we would ever have found him, or even got him home, or who I would have even call," Renee said.

Because of them, Renee said she still has her family together.

"If it hadn't been for them, I might not have had a husband today," Renee said.

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