Measure 17-88: Possible tax on recreational cannabis sales in Josephine County

(Courtesy: Public Domain Pictures)

In your opinion, should Josephine County be able to tax the production of recreational and medical cannabis?

The outcome of the election on this advisory question will not be binding. it will provide information to the Board of County Commissioners while the Board formulates policy.

State law currently prevents counties from taxing cannabis production. In December 2017, the Association of Oregon Counties formally recommended that state law be changed so that five Southwest Oregon counties (Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, and Josephine) could tax cannabis production. Following legislative approval, voters of each county could then decide whether to impose such a tax. Property tax rates would not be impacted.

The state currently collects annual fees from cannabis producers. Under the counties' proposal, the state would also collect an annual amount for the county in which each grow site is located, and provide that additionally collected amount to the county. The revenue collected from cannabis producers would be dedicated to a law enforcement trust fund.

This proposal would not affect the current property tax rate.

Read the full Measure 17-88.

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