2018 Oregon primary is May 15 | Know Your Candidates

(Image via Oregon Elections Division)

The 2018 Oregon primary is May 15.

Voters have until April 24 to register to vote. Ballots go out in the mail April 26.

Ballots are due back to a official drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day. Postmarks do not count in Oregon's vote by mail system.

Oregon has closed primaries. Only voters registered as Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary; only voters registered as Republicans can vote in the Republican primary.

Non-affiliated voters and voters registered with one of Oregon's other political parties will not see Democrats or Republicans on their ballots unless they change their registration by Tuesday night.

Non-affiliated voters may opt to vote in the Independent Party primary by filling out a form.

Candidates for Governor of Oregon


Kate Brown (Incumbent)

Ed Jones

Candace Neville


Keenan W Bohach

Knute Buehler

Sam Carpenter

Bruce Cuff

Jonathan I Edwards III

Brett Hyland

Jeff Smith

David W Stauffer

Jack W Tacy

Greg C Wooldridge


Skye J Allen

Dan (Mr P) Pistoresi

Patrick Starnes

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