Deadline to register to vote in the June primary is May 21

With the June 5 California primary less than a month away, and you can still register and be eligible to vote in that election.

To register to vote, you can go online or stop by the Shasta County Clerk and Elections office in the promenade.

To register, you only need your drivers license. If you don't have it or it is an out of state license, you can use the last four digits of your social security number, instead.

Once you've turned in the paperwork you'll get information in the mail. If you think you are registered, but haven't received any information in the mail. The county clerk says you might need to check your registration status online.

"Voting material went out about a week and a half ago," said County Clerk Cathy Allen. "If you are a registered voter and haven't gotten anything from our office double check your junk mail, hopefully you haven't thrown it all away or you can go online and check your voter status on our website and the URL is kind of long it's or you can just Google 'Shasta County Elections' and that will be the first thing that comes up."

You can register online at that link above. You have to be registered before midnight on Monday or if you mail in a registration it only has to be post marked by Monday.

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