10 years later: what happened to Brandon Perdue?

Brandon Perdue would be 28 this year - this is an aged-progressed picture. The car pictured is one similar to what Perdue was driving on the night he went missing. (Courtesy: Medford Police)

10 years ago, then-18-year-old Brandon Perdue went missing and was last heard from at 8:54 p.m. on June 13th, 2008.

Today, Medford Police are reminding residents of the case in order to coax out new information or new tips to spark the investigation.

MPD has brought on a part-time special investigator to revisit the case in its entirety, including evidence, interviews with former investigators as well as family and friends.

The law enforcement agency released an aged-progressed photo of Perdue (above).

Lt. Justin Ivens was one of the initial investigators on the case and has a special connection to it because of that.

"This is one that's always weighed on me," Ivens said. "I was pretty close to the family way back when - worked a lot with them, spent a lot of hours with them, spent a lot of my own time driving around trying to locate Brandon and trying to figure out ultimately what happened."

Perdue's cell phone last pinged a cell tower on Robinson Butte. Ivens said back in 2008, that still left a huge coverage area to try and locate Perdue and/or his car. The cell tower is located just south of Hwy 140 between Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods.

At the time, the investigation revealed Perdue may have driven out to a remote location in order to harm himself. Since then, neither Perdue or his car have been located. Ivens says because the car has also not been located, it may have been stolen, impounded or simply gone off the road and never recovered. Both the car and its license plate have been entered into law enforcement data bases in case the plates are ever run for any reason, but Ivens says that has yet to occur.

According to MPD, Perdue's DNA and dental records have been stored with University of North Texas for comparison to unidentified remains entries.

If you have any tips or information, contact MPD.

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