1000 elementary school students plant thousands of trees in Josephine County

(KTVL/Mike Marut)

Thursday and Friday this week, approximately 1000 students from across Jackson and Josephine Counties will plant trees in Josephine County.

The tree planting event helps teach the kids the value of sustainable forestry.

"It's fun planting the trees and then coming back and seeing them all grown up," 10-year-old Sommer Sweet, who has planted trees in this event before, said.

"It's not my favorite thing because I don't like going in the woods and stuff but I think it's fun to experience new things," 10-year-old Daynairhia Long, who is participating for the first time, said.

According to organizers, the success rate for the past 28 years of the event has been 95 percent. If that keeps up in the 29th year, 4750 of the 5000 trees that will be planted will grow for at least a year or two.

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